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Morning Pick Me Up!

I am a huge fan of smoothies and try to have one every morning. They are so easy to prepare and can be taken with me when I’m running out the door. And best of all, they are absolutely packed full of nutrients!  I tried out a new and amazingly good recipe this morning that […]

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Time to Tweet!

So, I’ve finally caved and joined Twitter! I never had the urge to join before and never really understood the hype – who really cares what other people ate for breakfast or whether they are stuck in traffic. Alas, I now get it! It’s a whole world onto itself in Twitter Land! There is just […]

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What the Hell is it That I Do?!

So I’ve been getting a lot of questions as to what it is exactly that I do.  It seems many people  don’t quite understand what Functional Medicine entails and I thought I’d help clear up the confusion. Functional Medicine is patient-centered health care.  It focuses on the individual as a whole rather than treating just […]

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Sleep On It!

Here it is – another Monday! The start of the work week always makes it a  little tougher to get going and this is why it is important to get my optimal eight hours of sleep! Getting an adequate amount of sleep is crucial to healthy living. Take a look at these research findings if you doubt just how […]

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Skin Deep!

Lately, my wife has taken to occupying my daughter’s time with ‘play’ makeup as she gets ready in the mornings. As scary as it is for me, my daughter loves to pretend to put makeup on in the mornings with her mom! I still have my fingers crossed about turning her into a tomboy but […]

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