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Our Functional Medicine programs are designed for those patients who want to change their health for good. We offer these programs whether you’re suffering from a chronic illness, have a complicated case history, or have previously been resistant to treatment.

We offer both a six month program and a twelve month program. Dr. Binning will discuss this in further detail during your initial consultation, after which time you can choose the program that is right for you.

Our Programs Include:

Unlimited access to Dr. Binning during the course of the program, via emails and texts.
Six monthly consultations of uninterrupted time with Dr. Binning to review lab results, ask questions and discuss progress during the course of the program.
A comprehensive case review of your medical history, past testing, and current symptoms.
A customized Health & Wellness manual that includes lifestyle strategies, nutritional and diet plans, and exercise recommendations just for you.
A hard copy Gratitude Journal to begin your program with the right tools to promote success.
New patient orientation package with healthy, valuable gifts to make your transition to health as seamless as possible.
Online video summaries of lab reports that you may refer to as often as necessary and to aid in your understanding of findings.
Functional nutrition and lifestyle consultations that supplement and aid in YOUR success.
Customized supplement program designed just for you, with descriptions and dosing of each product.
An one hour consultation with a certified personal trainer who will design your very own customized in-home workout designed in conjunction with your program.
Specialized and specific laboratory recommendations, individual to your condition.
Detailed hardcopy and digital instruction files after each monthly consultation, explaining your program, supplements, diet modifications, lifestyle changes, and action goals.