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Welcome to The Functional Health Institute

We believe in inspired living. That means living a life with meaning, purpose, and intention. A life free of disease because you realize that most disease is the consequence of lifestyle. A lifestyle that YOU have the POWER to CHANGE. It’s time for you to make yourself a priority and begin living a life with HEALTH and VITALITY. The Functional Health Institute is here to get you started. It’s time for you to begin living an inspired life.

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Why Functional Medicine?

Because the Numbers Don't Lie!


75% of physicians feel they don’t have enough knowledge to discuss nutrition or lifestyle with patients


40% of the 900,000 deaths per year are preventable


50% of all adults have one or more chronic health conditions


By 2020, it is predicted that non-communicable diseases will account for 80% of the global burden of disease

The Current Model Obviously Isn't Working!

The Functional Health Institute Approach

Principles of Functional Medicine

Optimal Function

Promotion of organ reserve health span, not just lifespan.


Biochemical individuality based on environmental and genetic uniqueness.

Patient Centered

Patient centered care rather than disease focused care.

Whole Body Approach

Web-like interconnections of all body systems in their entirety.

Emerging Research

Science based medicine that connects the emerging research to clinical practice.

Promotion of Optimal Organ Function

Health as a positive vitality, not merely the absence of disease.

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Dr. Satdip Binning

Dr. Satdip Binning is the founder of the Functional Health Institute, an integrative health and wellness center based in Ontario, Canada. He is certified as a Functional Medicine Practitioner as well as being a Chiropractor and ART® Provider.

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