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Welcome to Dr. Binning’s Daily Dose of Reality! I hope to encourage others as I stride forward on the journey towards OPTIMAL HEALTH! I will be blogging my professional opinions as well as personal approach on health, nutrition, and well being.

What product do you take? Would you do that yourself? Which exercise/supplement/routine do you use? What do you feed your baby? These are the questions that are MOST common from my patients, friends, and family. And these questions are exactly the REASON behind this blog.

What I often find is that there is so much MISINFORMATION out there! I find so many research reviews and articles that are little more than ‘marketing campaigns’ by the pharmaceuticals! I have nothing against medicine but believe there is a time and a place for it – and I strongly believe that PREVENTION is the absolute best strategy.  So much of what we think is fact  is based on the idealistic notion that ‘the doctor told me, so it must be true’. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case!

Do you often walk out of your physician’s office wondering if the ‘solution’ offered to you is one that he/she would PERSONALLY follow?! With this blog, I hope to help clear away some of that confusion! Whether I’m trying out a new product, reading the latest research article, or incorporating a new exercise routine into my life – I hope to provide you with my personal and professional opinion. I’m excited to start this JOURNEY with you!

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