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The Truth Behind Detoxification!

The Truth Behind Detoxification!

I get a lot of questions on detoxification programs and whether they are helpful. I think it’s important to realize that our bodies are continuously detoxing as a natural function. It is a continuous physiologic process that the body depends on for survival. However, the detox process can become less efficient when the necessary mechanisms become overloaded. This is when you will begin to experience symptoms from the toxins that will start to build up in your body.

Toxins may be both internal and external in origin. Pesticides, chemicals, and pollution put undue stress on our detox organs – the liver, skin and kidneys. Improper digestion and imbalanced gut ecology provide internal forms of toxins in the way of metabolic by-products stemming from certain bacteria which have toxic side effects. All of these impact negatively on our overall health by compromising detox pathways and setting the stage for future disease and illness.

Toxic overload has been linked to much more serious conditions such as auto-immune diseases, inflammatory/rheumatoid arthritis, and neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The basic premise of any detoxification program is to cleanse the body of toxins that add extra burden to your body so that more serious diseases can be avoided. It will also help alleviate many other symptoms you may be experiencing such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Digestive problems
  • Weight loss resistance
  • Skin rashes or itchy skin
  • Bad breath
  • Constipation
  • Joint pain
  • Poor Concentration

The detoxification should return your liver to it’s original healthy, cleansing state. It can also help with the following:

  • Anti-aging effects
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction of allergic symptoms
  • Weight loss
  • Clearer skin

This is why I believe regular detoxification is important and necessary for everyone! It helps in innumerable ways to keep you healthy. The detoxification method I utilize with my patients is designed to be gentle and easy to follow. It is not a fast nor a colon cleanse, which are both very harsh on your body. Any detoxification program should be designed to keep you healthy in the face of a virtually constant barrage of toxic materials.

When you are doing a detoxification program, whether mine or another, the following suggestions can help you keep your body’s toxic burden low and the detox mechanisms working for the long haul:

1. Heating foods in plastic releases harmful chemicals. You should NEVER heat food in plastic – use glass or ceramic instead.

2. Drink 1 cup of hot water with 1/4 lemon and 2 pinches of cayenne pepper first thing upon waking up and on an empty stomach. This is very simple but aids greatly in the detoxification process.

3. To aid in lymphatic drainage, use a dry natural fiber brush or loofah to massage your body before you shower/bathe. Start at the toes and gently scrub using circular motions towards your heart.

4. Tap water is often contaminated. Drink and cook with only pure filtered water.

5. Although the convenience of microwaves is indisputable, this method of heating can disrupt chemical linkages in otherwise healthy foods and also decreases the nutritional value. Heat on a stovetop or oven whenever possible. Avoid Teflon and synthetic non-stick coatings.

6. One of the best ways to increase your metabolic activity is by simply USING your body. Daily exercise has innumerable benefits including building lean muscle mass which helps burn more calories at rest. Sweating is also a great way to release toxins.

7. Take a warm bath with Epsom salt added to soothe, relax, and detox.

8. Consider jumping on a mini trampoline for 3 – 5 minutes a day to stimulate your lymph drainage system and thereby, moving the toxins out.

9. Try your own ‘hydrotherapy’ in the shower by alternating hot/cold water. This stimulates circulation and your immune system.

10. Drink A LOT of water during the detoxification! Water will help to flush out those toxins!

I hope this helps shed some light in regards to detoxification. if you’re interested in starting a program or would like some more information, please contact me and I’d be happy to answer any more questions.

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