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What You Need to Know About Your Metabolic System!

What You Need to Know About Your Metabolic System!

Imagine you could know just how well your body worked to create energy? That would be quite valuable information, wouldn’t you agree?! I bet that knowledge alone would kick start you to make changes in your diet and lifestyle accordingly. You know you need to work out and eat healthy. Everyone knows that but abstract information is hardly a great motivational tool. We often need concrete evidence to make any lasting changes!

Basically, to be healthy your body must process the foods you consume through a very complex metabolic system. This system is what produces energy and restores healthy tissues such as muscle and skin. If anything is out of order with this system, these extremely important healing processes can and will fail. Metabolism is the process in which your body converts the food you consume into energy and new structures. The vitamins and minerals in your food are used to perform those hundreds of necessary chemical reactions. Any weakness in your metabolism will quite naturally indicate weakness in creating energy and the healing processes of the body. See how easy science makes this to understand?!

Knowing what you need to change in order to have your metabolic system functioning optimally is a huge breakthrough. It can literally change your life. Feeling tired all the time? Can’t concentrate and your memory has gone to the dogs? It might just be your metabolic system! People get used to feeling crappy but I’m here to tell you that feeling crappy is NOT normal. Look at young children if you don’t believe me. Even when they’re down with a cold or flu, children still don’t feel crappy. They’ve got more energy with the flu than most adults have on a good day. The good news is that you can get back to that state of being too. It’s time people stopped accepting a sub par life for real living. It’s not the same thing at all and it’s time to recognize that.

One of the tests that can uncover weaknesses in your metabolism is the Organic Acids test. This test can show deficiencies in key essential nutrients as well as disturbances in the balance of bacteria that may grow from food residues in your digestive system. It can also show us if your body is simply not able to assimilate the nutrients it is consuming. Once we know what the problem is, we can work to improve your body’s ability to heal and stay healthy. This approach has been shown to improve treatments for conditions ranging all the way from childhood autism to adult fibromyalgia. It can also help people reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity, fatigue, high blood pressure and many other dangerous conditions. It’s such a simple process – figure out what’s wrong with your metabolic system, fix your metabolic system, and then maintain it at it’s optimal health. Once you have an optimally functioning metabolic system, simple diet changes will let you sustain health as you age.

If you’re suffering from any of the aforementioned symptoms, get in touch with me. I see clients from across the country and you do not have to be local to get the help you need. Give me a call and we can get you back on track to enjoying your life as it was meant to be!

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