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Eating for Energy!

Eating for Energy!

One of the biggest complaints I hear most often is constant fatigue and feelings of tiredness.  So many of patients complain that they go through the day feeling permanently exhausted and drained of all energy.  That’s just no way to live! Just because fatigue has become so commonplace does NOT mean that it can’t be fixed! Stop letting life pass you by and take some responsibility – it’s in your hands to take some steps towards better health and feeling more alive!

The first step you can take is choosing the right mix of healthy foods that will help keep you energized all day long! To function, we require energy in our systems. This comes from the very foods that we consume so it’s important to get the right foods into your body and avoid the bad foods! The following foods are rich sources of energy that will supply your body with the fuel you require to live a healthy, energized life!

  1. Green Vegetables – Green vegetables contain an abundance of vitamins and minerals including vitamin B, magnesium and iron. Great choices include sprouts (of any variety), broccoli, kale, asparagus, and spinach. You can never have too many vegetables so load up your plates with them!
  2. Fruits – Fruits pretty much guarantee high energy! Berries are great sources of anthocyanins, a powerful antioxidant that boosts energy. Citrus fruits are an amazing source of vitamin C and numerous studies suggest a high correlation between citric acid deficiency and chronic fatigue. Vitamin C also helps our bodies absorb more nutrients from food so stock up on oranges!
  3. Seeds – Seeds are a rich source of proteins, nutrients, and minerals. They are also full of magnesium and iron while the polyunsaturated fats they contain are beneficial for the cardiovascular system and help with blood flow to the heart and brain. Seeds give us energy while being easier to digest than nuts and contain less fat!
  4. Nuts – Nuts are an excellent source of minerals with a high nutrition factor. They contain vitamins A, B and E, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. They help fight against anemia and provide the body with resilient energy. Nuts are a great snack, especially when you’re on the go. Walnuts, in particular, contain tryptophan which helps calm us down when stressed or upset!
  5. Tea – Tea can be a high source of antioxidants and is an important resource of energy for the entire body! Researchers have found that drinking a cup of tea 4-6 times a day reduces stress hormone levels in your body. Green tea is especially loaded with polyphenols, with 100 times the antioxidant power of vitamin C!
  6. Lentils and Beans – These are a great source of potassium, protein, and carbohydrates. Lentils and beans are also high in B vitamins, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, calcium and copper. They provide slow burning complex carbohydrates that give you energy to burn!

So many people dismiss the importance of healthy eating as a source of energy! Often, someone will tell me that ‘It’s just not enough. My problem is so much worse than food can help with.’ And maybe you’re right. But what if you’re wrong? What have you really got to lose? Don’t dismiss something because it seems too easy – because oftentimes, the simplest task is the most effective!

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